I help companies develop rough product concepts into the best possible customer and user experiences



Apple, Inc.


The ADVOCACY Institute



 I also help companies who have designers who do “design things” but no clear process and inconsistent results, implement transformative design processes and practices. 

The Design Studio: a three day experiential training in design process and technique


Experience And Style:
The Design Conference for Software Developers

I can help your company

  • Create great customer and user experiences
  • Adopt and implement a formal design process that integrates the best practices of agile software development with the best practices of user experience design – and get engineeering and design working together 
  • Recruit, hire, and manage a design team 
  • Develop and implement a design led product development strategy 

Don't Just Take My word for it...

Don possesses a powerful blend of design, development, and communication skills. He approaches design challenges from a truly user-centered perspective while always balancing technology constraints and business goals. Don shows particular talent in reaching out to stakeholders and facilitating collaboration, whether in person or remotely. He follows a systematic process, yet continues to find new and creative ways to research problems, illustrate ideas, and push designs to greater solutions. Don handles complex systems and simple design problems with equal enthusiasm. He has a strong work ethic with incredible time management practices, giving his team great confidence that he will always deliver and positively impact the product and user experience. Don brings a sense of humor, energy, and positivity that make working with him a pleasure.
— Heather Winkle, Director of User Experience for the FileMaker Platform, Apple, Inc.
We knew we had to build something, but it wasn’t until we worked with Don that we knew what we needed to build.

His clearly defined process meant that we always knew what the next step was, why it was important, and most importantly how to execute it. We now have extremely useful and user-friendly applications that helped us take our business to the next level.
— James Schaffer, Co-Founder, Shaffer-Williams Llc. | The Advocacy Institute
Don’s Design Studio was awesome; we’ve already changed our entire workflow in the two weeks since we returned!
— David Graham, Vice President & CIO, San Diego Workforce Partnership
I would wholeheartedly recommend the Design Studio to any serious developer trying to bring the best user experience possible to his or her clients.
— Richard Carlton, President of Carlton Consulting